Allie Davis
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about me



I’m a surface designer based in the greater Toronto area, from a small town in eastern Canada. My best friend is my cat Libby, who loves watching me dye paper. 

I began my studies in craft and design at Sheridan college, completing a degree in Textiles in 2018. My thesis work developed during this time: Their Space is three collections of gender-inclusive wallpapers, meant for children’s rooms.  

I create most of my work using traditional Japanese papers and dyeing techniques. I have a love-affair with the material, its soft sensibility, and the way it absorbs both natural and synthetic dyes. My wallpaper collection Itajime is the fusion of Japanese traditional resist dyeing, and digital manipulation. 

My practice is eco-friendly and sustainable; digitally printing wallpaper means that only the minimum amount of water is used to print the design. My printing is done in North America, saving the cost and fuel of shipping the work from another continent. Other sampling has been done using studio printer or local print shops.

Currently I’m working on a small-batch stationery collection, with a focus on colour, texture, and the individuality of a handmade product. As a lover of the written word and the post-office, I understand that stationery should be as expressive and fun as the person sending it.